Here is what experts say about Adult Day Care Centers Services:

  • "Adult day care represents a growing option for many families---one that keeps their loved ones out of nursing homes or assisted-living facilities that demand far more in the way of financial resources and may provide far less in the way of social and emotional stimulation." Trudy Lieberman, Consumer Reports Complete Guide to Health Services For Seniors, 2000.
  • "It's (adult day care center) clearly the most cost-effective and cost-efficient model of care and balances the needs of family and the growth of the elder…" Dr. John Capitman, professor of Brandeis University.
  • A study done by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation showed that adult day care centers are a viable, cost-effective long-term care option as it relates to nursing homes.
  • "They (adult day care centers) help keep individuals who are in need of care at home, in the community, with family and friends as long as possible." Nancy J. Cox, M.S.W., National Director of Partners in Caregiving.
  • Average monthly cost of: Adult Day Services - $1,100-$1,760

Did You Know?

  • The average life expectancy in the United States jumped from 47 to 76 years.
  • By end of the 21st century, about 5 million people will be age 100 years & older.
  • In a study by the International Longevity Center and the National Council on the Aging, conducted by Harris-Interactive, nearly half of Americans age sixty-five and older describe their lives as "the best years of my life," and 84% said they would be happy if they lived to be ninety.
  • Studies show that the family is the number one caregiver of older persons.
  • By 2030, one-fifth of the American population will be sixty-five and older. 43% of people who reach age 65 will need long-term care.
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