Our services consist of Activities designed to keep our clients active mentally and physically. Activities are planned according to age, and are perform in a totally safe environment. As part of our service we take pride saying that we are part of the Adult Day Care Food Program from the Department of Elder Affairs, the goal of this program is to support the provision of nutritious meals and snacks served to adults attending adult day care centers.

Our Services Include:

  • Mental stimulation: games like bingo, Puzzle , crossword and music therapy thru group sing-a-longs
  • Physical stimulation: 30 Minutes Daily of Stretching and gentle chair exercise
  • Cognitive stimulation: Discussion groups about current events ,books, or films
  • Social Interaction: Social hour to cultivate friendship and maintain an active lifestyle.
  • Nutrition: Workshops about nutritional requirements for their age group
  • Education: Access to reading materials and educational literature to promote learning.
  • Creative expression: Through arts and craft

Daily Program Activities

Transportation: participants get assistance with transportation to and from our facility.
Breakfast: We pledge to serve a breakfast that include protein, whole grains and fresh fruit daily
Morning Activities
  • Morning lectures: Current events, talks and discussions groups
  • Chair exercises: ( 30 Min Daily)
  • Active floor and table games: Like Bingo , Crosswords, Lottery etcetera
Lunch (from 12:00 to 1:00) on the dot’ A 7 course nutritious lunch that includes Protein, Carbs, Vegetables, fruit dessert, Milk ,Bread and choice of coffee
Afternoons Activities
  • Social Interaction: 30 Minutes of talks and social Interaction after lunch
  • Mental stimulation: Music Therapy and singing
  • Creative groups of Arts and crafts
  • Table Games : Bingo
  • Discussions : contemporary and devotional
Afternoon snack. Approved Whole grains , proteins and 100% Fruit Juice
Special Activities include:
  • Holiday and Birhdays celebrations/parties
  • Intergenerational visits (kids!)
  • Pet therapy
  • Outings/Fieldtrips
  • Manicure. We will also have a Barber/ Hair Dresser coming to our facility every month.
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