Miami Springs Entertainment & Nutrition for the Elderly, Inc. also known as MSENE was founded in year 2011 by current owner Nolia Diaz. Her main purpose was to serve the needs of a growing population of elderly citizens who require daily monitoring but are not willing to relinquish their independence by leaving their homes and families to be placed in a nursing home.
She had experience what taking care of a fragile elder is and confronted the adversities of being a single mother, and taking care of an ill mother and her Daughter. Ms Diaz, a business woman motivated by her own experience who decided to advocate for the most fragile part of the population has surpass many challenges but never gave up as her most important goal was to have a center known for the highest quality of care .

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help senior citizens maintain their choice to remain as independent and as healthy as possible in the most cost-efficient way. We work hard to honor our elders, by respecting and promoting their independence, spiritual vigor, dignity and choice, and by recognizing that they are to be cherished. As part of our mission, we accept special responsibility for the frailest members of our community who are most dependent on our care. Our commitment is to raise the standards in senior care through innovation and leadership.

Our Company Vision

Keeping our seniors participants interested and motivated in our daily activities, improve their physical and mental health, and build a long lasting relationship. Also providing and counseling caregivers when needed.

Our Main Goal

Entertain our participants in order to maintain their minds active through their golden years, offering professional care, nutritional meals, and a personalized program with the help of our professional staff and Changing the way they think about aging.
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